WainmanHawaii Rabbit 3.1 Bunny (5 m²)
A high wind wave riding and freeriding machine renowned for unprecedented stability and control. The smallest kite in the range has always been very likeable, with almost no weakness. Stable, responsive, but not too fast, makes Bunny a wave ... (mehr lesen)
ab 895,00 € 2
WainmanHawaii Gypsy 3.1 (6,25m²)
An instant classic and the perfect tool for a solid wave session or strong wind Twin Tip "blast off" days. One of the favorite Rabbit originals and very respected members in the ... (mehr lesen)
ab 995,00 € 2
Wainman Hawaii Mr. Green 3.1 (7,5m²)
The master in waves, freeriding and a high wind freestyle machine! Mr. G is a newer member of the gang that joined the series in the 2.0 release, but rapidly gained ... (mehr lesen)
ab 1.070,00 € 2
WainmanHawaii Smoke 3.1 (9m²)
One of the 3 original Rabbits that 8 years ago became and icon in the industry and the most popular and probably the most preferred kite in the range. This award winning design is a must to try for any kiteboarder on this planet, no matter w ... (mehr lesen)
ab 1.145,00 € 2
Wainman Hawaii Punch 3.1 (10,5m²)
Renowned for its versatile performance whether its freeriding, freestyle or in waves, the Punch boasts amazing upwind performance, stability and precision bar control. Probably ... (mehr lesen)
ab 1.220,00 € 2
Wainman Hawaii The Boss 3.1 (12m²)
The most important and respected gang member, has undergone the most significant changes and improvements making him the potential "perfect" big kite. With a fun, gl ... (mehr lesen)
ab 1.275,00 € 2
Wainman Hawaii Big Mama 3.1 (14,5m²)
An amazing light wind weapon with superb low end performance and turning speed, for bigger riders and regular (weight) guys and girls who not only want to ride in light breezes ... (mehr lesen)
ab 1.395,00 € 2

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